New Update Simple Auto ON AMmo and No RECOIL Special SURAM HACK ALL VERSION WARROCK [WR Indo,WR Rusia,WR Th/thailan,WR Ph/Philipina,WR turkey,WR North America,WR International Etc] SPECIAL WORK ALL OS With Simple Auto Inject!


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Greetz: dono, drache, gohack, xfiles, All member N3, All Member TTK

Included file:

    WRN3-v0.2.zip, berisi WRN3.dll (false alarm may occur, dll packed with engima :p)

File Terlampir  WRN3-v0.2.zip   682.43K   0 Jumlah Unduhan


    Unlimited Ammo All Weapon [ON]
    Small Recoil/Small Spread [ON]

How to Inject

  • Open Inject
  • Open WR
  • Play

Only Tested di Win7 32/ Win7 64

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