[HOT PERMANENT AND NO BANNED] Update Special Ninja Saga Special ninja saga talent point for free + Videonya

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New Special Update November 2012 Free
Please Don't to Show OFF!!
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Cheat TP (Talent Point) Permanent Update Ninja Saga New : cheat ninja saga talent point for free and permanent, you will get TP for upgrade talent skill :
how to use cheat TP permanent :

tools :charles proxy

step :
1. Setting browse firefox
tools > option

2. View certificates
3. Aouthorities > Click import > Program files > charles
4. Charles > dock > open
5. Setting chrles > open > nsapp.amazinggoal.net > click right
6. Close chrles and open chrles gain > reload ninja saga > go to hunting boss halloween > if you want fast kill the boss you can use cheat 1 hitt kill

7. If the boss dead see chrles and repeat advanced (ItemDAO.getbossreward) 100
8. Wait 1 minutes and reload Ninja Saga You will have many hunting seal scroll
9. Exchange to sage talent pill you got many TP this PERMANENT good luck

or tutorial video

cheat ini gx kan di banned sampai kapan pun.char kalian aman.
jangan lupa kasih cendol tq
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