Relase 12 Des 2012 Cheat Ninja Saga wepon blacksmith house + VIDEONYA!

- 13:23:00
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Cheat Ninja Saga wepon blacksmith house, old item ninja saha weapon blacksmith house hack, you will get weapon and upgrade like old item feature ninja saga, if you dont have weapon you can get weapon with tokens, how to use Cheat Weapon Blacksmith House Ninja Saga :

file swf
Mediafire: click

1. Download fiddler
2. Download file swf
3. Open Fiddler and darg file swf to fiddler
4. Clear cache browse
5. Go to hunting house > meterial market
6. Buy weapon or updagrade weapon now
7. If you need MAGATAMA, you can get magatama >> CLICK <<
8. Good Luck

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