Release 06 Jan 2012 Cheat TP Talent Point Ninja Saga New 2013

- 12:56:00
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Cheat TP Talent Point Ninja Saga New 2013, the cheat just for fun you mission TP, if you mission get the TP Talent Point you got 10000 TP just for fun :D, so how to use the cheat TP talent Point Ninja Saga 2013 new :
tools : FIDDLER

1. Download Fiddler and File SWF
2, Open Fiddler and  Drag File SWF to Fiddler
3. Clear Cache Browse and Reload Page Ninja Saga
4. Play Ninja Saga and go to Mission for get TP
5. Enjoy get TP 10000 Just For Fun Guys ^_^

Credit Afrix

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