Release 25 Feb 2013 Fullhack WORK 100% Fast Delay, Unlimited token mas,Fast Skill,Brutal Skill,Freze Undead Work ALL OS!

- 15:28:00
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Target Game  : Cheat Lostsaga Korea "lostsaga.exe"

Download Cheat:
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Password pkl
Injector Free:
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No Password
Created :
Js Setyawan

Feature Simple HOT & Work :
[-] Fast Delay
[-] Freze Undead
[-] Fast Skill
[-] Anti Baned ( BETA Version)

HOtkeys :  AUTO ON

[-]  BUka Perx injector
[-]  Masukan games Target :  ( lostsaga.exe )
[-]  Start KLS , Saat X-trap Sudah Hilang, klik Inject
[-]  Happy Cheating,,

How to Used :
1.Open Lostsaga
2.Open Cheat , setting Cheat
3.Start Lostsaga 

setting game!

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