Update New Cheat Ninja Saga Terbaru Atm Exp For Level 1-80 Update Maret 2013

- 15:13:00
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Cheat Ninja Saga Atm Exp For Level 1-80 Update, easy leveling char ninja saga feature: cheat atm exp Level 1-80 update  2013  cheat gold, xp, chunin exam, jounin exam, special jounin exam, instant TP (talent point) Mission, how to use cheat atm exp ninja saga 1-80 update 2013:
tools: fiddler


1. Download fiddler and swf file
2. Open fiddler and drag swf to fiddler
3. Open ninja saga and clear cache browse
4. Go to headquarters and enter password atm exp (63978DCB04)
5. Enjoy

Video Tutorial:

Credit : Cheat Afrix
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